Monday, May 08, 2006

Shoes, shoes, shoes

My latest obsession is shoes. I can't stop getting enough. It's really annoying my boyfriend, but he will get over it soon, so no worries. I just discovered that Target is another place where I can get shoes. I think that's amazing, I got these shoes at Target for $27.99. I have been looking for cork platforms for a while. They are comfortable and give me good height and good posture. I wore them with a white top and white capri's and a gold belt. I also wore them with jeans and an off white scoopneck top. I love them.
More importantly, this summer I am all into shoes that aren't black. I got a pair of orange wedges at Payless and a green pair, they were way too cute, if you buy one then you will get the second pair half off.
But I didn't stop there. Ohhhh...noooo.
I went ahead and stopped at Nine West and got myself none other than blk/white snakeskin peep toe stilettos. The deal there is also to buy one get and the second pair will be half off (the Nine West outlet at 125th street). So I also got a camel skin wedge which is studded and with rope detailing. Gorgeous... trust me.

The snakeskin pair are my favorite so far, I wore them the whole weekend. I wore them with a white dress from the gap. A flower on my over my ear and a scarf that I used to cinch my waist. I will take a picture to let you see, very soon.
I encourage all of you to explore the various colors that shoes can offer.

Take care....

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