Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who was the real winner?

I must state; Project Runway is definitely one of my favorite shows. The challenge Wednesday night was to design a garment for a trendsetter and the model would be the designer itself. This is what made the challenge so kool. They were designing for themselves and it made the challenge that much easier. The designers all kind of agreed that a trendsetter was always someone that traveled and was on the move going from party to party. This definition, I am not too sure about, simply because a trendsetter to me is someone that always puts on a different outfit than what is currently fashionable and sets a new trend that everyone follows, mainly because it looks good. Please feel free to correct me from wrong though...
However, I stand firm that Michael Keith is the champion of this challenge and will be the winner of this Project Runway season. He looks so fresh and crisp in his outfit and I especially like the way his look is relaxed and comfortable. Jeffrey had a very rocker type outfit and it was very well constructed but I did not like the tighness of the pants, it was hugging him in all the wrong places. However, he was the official winner of the challenge. I guess being a trensetter for me is also about the vibe and aura you portray and I did not get the same feeling from Jeffrey as I did from Michael.

Michael Keith is still the one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I stand corrected. The designers were making a garment for a jetsetter not a trendsetter. It all makes sense now. Thanks, to all who corrected me.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Mr Seattle said...

May I offer a friendly correction to your Project Runway comments, which is also my favorite show.

Actually, the challenge was to create an outfit for a "jet-setter" not a "trend-setter", which, as I'm sure you already know, are two totally different things. That's the whole reason for the trip to Paris. The judge needed to critique how the clothing "traveled".

Anyway, keep up the great work.

Natalie said...

I totally agree that your definition of trendsetter is correct. However, the challenge was for a jetsetter not a trendsetter. Hope that clears things up.

Kit said...

ah! i'm so glad angela left, those rosettes were too much on the pants. I'm getting nervous for keane though.

the tightness of jeffery's pants was to keep them from wrinkling so they would travel better but i think the only reason he won was because if michael won another or if jeffery lost another, jeffery might just murder the winner.

ah. i love project runway.

Girl of Approval said...

If you want to see some tight pants on guys... check out this website

It's a link to picture and comments from people in Helsinki and other places in Finland.

I agree with your idea that men should not be in tight pants. I think it looks weird and unattractive.