Monday, October 30, 2006

Fashion inspiration comes from everywhere...

So now I understand designers when they say that they get inspiration from everywhere for their upcoming collections. I also now understand when they say the collection has been influenced by their most recent travels.
I went to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and just got back a little over a week ago. It's all very true... you look around and everything smells and looks and looks different. Your senses become so sharp as they absorb all the new things coming in and from there inspiration just flows. I know it sounds a bit funny but it's exactly how I felt.
Here is a picture of a guard in front of the Istana Nagara in Malaysia (The National Palace) where the queen and king reside. I love the military jacket and its vibrant color, the long gloves and the riding boots. All styles that I have incorporated in my wardrobe. I know that if I were a designer, I would be designing very feminine versions of these structures.

I just know it would work beautifully!!

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Karinaxoxo said...

From the pics you've shown - it seems like it's a place designers could get tonns of inspiration

Haute Girl said...

i got fashion inspiration from medieval times..the restaurant, not the era.

Young Gent said...

Welcome back Enid. Looking forward to more posts and pics.