Monday, December 04, 2006

Susan, Wear skirts more often!!

Hola, I'm back from my trip to Mexico and I feel invigorated and full of energy. Before I left to Mexico, I took a picture of Susan. She never wears skirts even though I have been trying to convince her to do so for almost 2 years now. As of today, I would like to think that it was my advice that prompted her to put this outfit together so fabulously.
Susan wears a tank-top layered on a cream colored cardigan with silk detail down the middle and a very delicate ribbon belt. She wears a bell shaped brown skirt to balance out her hips. The outfit is completed with only 2 accessories, a multiple stranded necklace to bring attention to her collar bone and, a pointy leather stiletto boot which just adds a sexy factor to the outfit. This outfit is perfect to wear at work on days that you have an event in the evening immediately after work...and that is exactly where Susan was running to that day. She was going to dinner with the in laws.
Susan, as one of my students I think that you have completed my course and graduated. I'm so proud of you for spreading your wings and daring to wear a skirt but most importantly for putting it all together so flawlessly and all on your own.
Enid P. "Dare to Dream"


Haute Girl said...

i love that skirt...great for my big hips!

Sarah said...

it's refreshing to see a long lenghted skirt that's nice. short skirts and leggings are way too overdone

Dinah said...

I really like that whole look she looks fab!