Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Best of the Golden Globe Awards 2007

1. Evangeline Lilly looks effortlessly beautiful. This was hands down the best dress on the Golden Globe red carpet.

2. Felicity Hoffman looked radiant by wearing a dress with a show stopping color and lovely draping.

3. Hillary Swank wore a very simple black dress customized to fit her body.

4. Emily Blunt wore a dazzling colored dress with stunning embellishments that brightened up her face.
5. Jessica Biel found the best way to shine.

6. Katherine Heigl looked gorgeous in this Old-Hollywood Glamour ensemble.

7. Melania Trump wore a dress with magnificent draping and a perfect subtle emphasis on the bust area.

8. Ali Larter from the show Heroes wore the best white dress of the night.

9. Tina Fey in an elegant A-line/V-neck striking silhouette.

10. Sienna Miller- I am not sure what I like about this dress. But, there is something about the dress that looks good.
11. Jennifer Love Hewitt-This dress had a very precise silhouette but the fabric used looked more like curtain drapes. I think the cut saved the dress.

12. America Ferrera wore a very nice dress but more importantly than her dress was the speech she delivered. In my eyes it was the most wonderful speech of the night.

13. Cameron Diaz did not wear a flawless dress but she was wearing the perfect shade of red lipstick.

These are the 13 picks of EP.


Anonymous said...

JLo looked the best last night. She nailed the old Hollyweird glamour. Hair, makeup, jewels, dress was perfection. I hated, hated, what Heigl was wearing. She always looks the same: boring.

Natalie said...

I also liked JLo's dress, something wasn't quite right about it but I still loved it. America's speach was wonderful and she looked great! I swear the more she plays ugly the cuter she gets in person.

wendy said...

I think the most important thing about these awards nights is that one should never pick what one would wear on prom night... for example, poofy ball gowns, and... cameron diaz's scary ballerina dress. she looked weirdly old last night too and the "too-young" dress didnt help!
I looove America Ferrera and she looked gorgeous!! The dress is soo flattering and sophisticated, and the color's beautiful

Anonymous said...

I agreed with some of your pics but in yahoo they have as part of the worst dressed Envangeline Lilly (I thought she was beautiful) Tina Fey and Jennifer Love, they forgot to put as worst dressed Salma Hayek (I lover her) but I don't know what she was thinking... I also liked Penelope Cruz, Angeline Jolie and America Ferrera.

ENID P. said...

Yeah.. I'm sticking to Evangeline Lilly... I love it.
Salma Hayek has looked much better in the past. It looked like she was wearing a toga.
Jennifer Lopez looked nice...But she always has a one shouldered dress and that was not the most flattering cut on her...therefore it just looked okay to me.
Penelope Cruz's outfit look like a flamenco dancing outfit to me.


Dinah said...

I loved Drew Barrymore's dress the best and thought she looked great in it. I also liked Hayden's dress also it was so nice.