Monday, March 12, 2007

I wish for Flip Flop season

Can someone stop me?? I can't stop thinking about warm weather and all the different things I can buy for the Summer. I'm in love with these flip flops and according to their site they are also in love with me.
At $25 a pair, I love them even more. I can't imagine why I wouldn't get them. They are adorable with their bright colors and beautiful grosgrain ribbon.
ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


wendy said...

those flip flops make me smile! they are soo pretty and cute, and i love the bright colors.. especially on the first pair, theyre sooo girly!!

p.s. i cant believe you met nigel barker. he is soo cute.. one of the reasons why i still watch ANTM!!

Natalie said...

I like those shoes but typically hate flip-flops. I guess I just assumed only those things with the strap between your toes qualified.

McDreamer said...

I love them!!! they're so cute! Plus, they look preggy friendly with those very flat heels and rubber soles, i likey likey!!!!

Dinah said...

Those look so comfy that I will need a few pairs and I love open toe shoes and cannot wait to wear them again.