Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eva Mendes-Celebrity Style

I love this outfit that Eva Mendes is wearing. The tabloids criticized her for it but I think its a a cute trendy outfit for these semi chilly days that we are experiencing in NYC.
Mendes is on the red carpet at the LA premiere of Grindhouse. She is wearing Diane von Furstenberg wide-leg jeans, a vintage scarf, a top from Express and a Jimmy Choo clutch.

Links to the Eva Mendes look for less...
Jacket-Forever 21 , Top-Forever 21 , Jeans-Old Navy , Shoes-Overstock , Scarf-Top Shop, Clutch-Target, Earrings-Macy's

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Natalie said...

I like it too!

Model Citzen said...

i have this top from express it was only like 60 bucks.