Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Question and Answer #102

Hi, I really like your blog (check it a lot). I'm moving to NYC from SoCal, and if you have any advice (ideas for outfits, and what to wear at night to socialize, etc.), it would help a lot.
Also what do people wear when they go North, to the beach (like the Hamptons or whatever). I'm used to Cali. I like clothes that fit well and don't puff out anywhere, prefer some more classic styles, Marc Jacobs, 50's and 60's cuts, a lot of black, like to layer sometimes. Also please no pointy shoes. I'm 24, a musician, medium height and weight, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, light skin with slight tan. I'm thinking, lose the flare jeans, for skinny. Do you know if they wear sandals there? Thanks if you have any ideas. J......
Hi J.....

Thank you so much for reading my blog and Congrats on moving to NYC!! Most of the time its all very fab over here. So you will be having fun and an active night life.

I have some ideas for your night time attire. Dark denim is the staple out here with the jean silhouette now moving towards cropped skinny jeans. But don't throw away your flared jeans just yet. The skinny jean is a just a trend. Pair the skinny jeans with a billowy top. I also love the skinny jean worn with a henley, since you mentioned that you don't like stuff that puffs out.

For skinny jeans

For flared jeans

If you aren't ready for the skinny jean, you don't have to go that route. You can wear your slightly flared jeans with a fitted top that will show your silhouette. The summer night time look in the in the city is usually tank tops and jeans and as long as you accessorize you will look fab (i.e....shoes, necklace, bangles, clutch, etc). The colors New Yorkers favor are always dark. We love blacks and grays. This summer I love yellow paired with gray. But candy colors are in style this summer so we find a way to incorporate them with our blacks and darks.
If you don't want to wear jeans, you can always wear a dress, it's very trendy right now.

Beach dresses

For beach wear, It goes back to the dresses. Just a simple dress will do. Beach Hamptons night attire always favors white. Especially a white linen pair of pants could be used during night or day (non-beach activities). Most of the time all white with gold accessories, silver accessories also look good but gold looks better with a tan.

Whites in the Hamptons

Sandals in NYC are worn as soon as the weather hits 60 degrees Fahrenheit but usually in neutral colors (browns, grays, blacks, creams, etc). Flats are worn all day, mainly thongs, jeweled thongs, gladiators are now kicking in, lots if flip flops...and strappy heels for nights. We are also in love with peep toes and wedges.

Hope this helps,

Any questions let me know...Happy moving....

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Karinaxoxo said...

Cool advice!!
Love the new lay out too!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for this great advice, it is really helping me out. Now I really can't wait to move. You are the best. Jessica

ENID P. said...


THX and THX, I have been trying to get a new look for some time.

You are so welcome.. anytime.


Jessica said...

love the white bottomed outfits!!! i think that is my fav color right now!

ENID P. said...

Jessica... Th, how are you doing? Long time no see.