Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I want these booties really, really bad for this fall. I think I got warmed up to the idea of booties. What to wear them with is the real question??

How about this outfit?? I think I can figure it out. What you guys think
ENID P. "Dare to Dream"
Michael Kors Cuffed Bootie Price : $189.00
ALDO Price: $100.00
Aldo Price: $109.00


dusk&summer said...

I am in desprete need of a cute pair of booties myself but I never seem to find the right pair in the right price range. My sister just bought a pair of adorbale Betsey Johnson ones on ebay and i'm considering deviously hiding them when they come in the mail and blaming it on Canada post.

ENID P. said...

Dusk & Summer, I think you guys can share....no???
Ebay is a great place for bargain shopping...