Thursday, August 16, 2007


Okay.. so this is how I understand ads. If the ad makes me have a reaction of any sort, then it's a good. If it makes me want to buy something, then it's great. If it gives me any type of emotion then the ad is fantastic (this is the best way that I can explain it).
These ads are for Calvin Klein, and featuring the Calvin Klein Steel collection is Djimon Hounsou (previously in the movie Blood Diamond), which according to my sources (a quick search in is apparently dating Kimora Lee.
This ad is sexy, it's risky and it makes me think about buying underwear. Djimon's whole persona perfectly matches the word steel. Hooray for CK....this is a great advertising job..great concept, excellent model, great picture, and perfect execution.

I love it...Could you believe that he is supposedly 43? I don't believe that!!!

Dare to Dream "ENID P.

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Anonymous said...

i love djimon
he is so hot and sexy and steamy