Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmy's

The Ugllies in order:
Becki Newton, no no no!! You couldn't wait till the October 31st to be the little mermaid?
Jenna Fischer, pregnant or not, please no bows.
Elizabeth Perkins, you need to speak with your personal assistant. I'm guessing she told you that you were going to a baptism or garden get which case this would have been a great outfit...not at the Emmy's.
Hayden Panettiere just turned 18 and has a beautiful figure. Can someone tell me why its being hidden underneath that blanket-tent dress?
THE Pretties: In order of greatness!! (below)
Katherine Heigl was perfection with a beautiful white dress. Impeccable with scarlet red lips.

Ahh, real women have curves. America Ferrera's, Ugly Betty isn't so ugly here. I love this dress. A very trendy color this fall.
Eva Longoria, is very petite but makes herself look tall with a v-neck dress which elongates the neck, and decolletage area, the dress cut below the knee shows legs and adds height as so do the nude colored shoes...finally the sparkles add pizazz. Where's Tony Parker?

Some fashionistas didn't like this dress. But, I'm a sucker for feathers. I think Vanessa Williams took a risk with a great return. It fits well and it's fashion, it looks great.

This dress has a perfect drape. Jamie-Lynn Sigler looks simple in pastel and so, so sweet but extremely elegant.

Rebecca Gayheart, Ellen Pompeo, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Griffiths

Black and very slimming never fails. You can never go wrong with wearing black!!

Stacy London, Constance Zimmer, Lisa Edelstein, Queen Latifah

Red dresses hit the red carpet really strong at The Emmy's. They were mostly paired with red lips. These dresses scream and yell...look at me!! but they look superb.
Ali Larter, Heidi Klum, Kate Walsh, Mary-Louise Parker

Trend Spotting: tassel necklaces
ENID P. "Dare to Dream"
P.S. If you agree with me that's kool. However, if you don't let me know why? I would love to hear you out.


McDreamer said...

I do agree with you Enid, but I really can't get the feathers thing... It's just so not me... hehehe...

SKYLA said...

I couldn't really tell from the distant picture, but I thought Becki newton's dress looked nice. But better in a different colour-maybe green.
I agreed with you on the 'Ugllies'. =D
And I love every other dress in the Pretties section. Apart from Eva's, which is nothing spectacular, and the blacks and reds aren't very adventurous. Still, would I have come up with something better??
They look great.

Natalie said...

I thought Eva Longoria was a little blah but not horrible. I just didn't care. I loved Vanessa Williams and I hate feathers.