Wednesday, September 05, 2007

With Toilet Paper

Everyone wants to make their wedding day special, but I would have never thought about toilet paper....

I received this email some time ago from a friend. Today as I was cleaning my inbox I decided what the heck. Let me post it and share with everyone (if you haven't already seen this email).

She looks like a porcelain dolls and it looks like the paper toilet was treated with something.

This dress looks very majestic and ruffled.

I like this dress. I just don't love the sash of flowers that come across her chest with flowers, looks like shes in a pageant.

I like the dress, but not the headband or the bouquet of toilet paper.

I think she a bit to petite to be wearing this type of bubble ruffle because it makes her look shorter, an A-Line skirt would have been perfect. None the less, She looks very pretty.
I don't like this tuxedo type front or the pink and white color combination.
Very simple and cute

Bandannas and no shoes are never a good style if you are in a wedding dress.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

You must say....these people are ingenious. It just goes to show you that fashion can be done at any price point.

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hanahran said...

haha wow these are so kewl!