Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Murakami Exhibit experience

The Brooklyn Museum entrance....
Art is subjective. However, this superflat spoke to me because I love pandas for various reasons. To start, they are super cute, they look super soft (haven't touched one yet), and they are the most recognized international sign for endangered species.

FACT: Pandas are originally from Asia and are carnivores but choose to be vegetarians and eat large quantities of bamboo.

OPINION: With all this said, this piece of art speaks volumes to me. The panda represents the Asian culture, the bamboo stands for the choices that everyone has to make daily. The Louis Vuitton logos are representing capitalism all over the world and at the right hand side this other element could be representative of war. Lastly the flowers on the bottom could be the way some people perceive the world to be (flowers and pretty). To top it all off, Murakami also manages to make a superflat painting look 2 dimensional. I really enjoyed this piece.
The vomit piece.

This artwork resonates with me because I get migraine headaches all the time and they are so bad that I have to get rid of everything in my stomach and then sleep it off, in order to get rid of the migraine. But, while I'm getting rid of everything in my stomach I always feel like I'm having an outer body experience. One EP is doing the action and the other EP is observing and identifying the stuff that's exiting my body. This is what the piece reminded me of. Ohhh, the super nova is super mega kool. I love it (so wanted a scarf with this image!). A mushroom silhouette is what you will see when an atomic bomb is dropped (hint..hint.. He's Japanese, think Hiroshima and Nagasaki). My interpretation is that what you see here is Murakami expression on how these bombs affected his world.
The milk section was interesting. (above picture)

It's interesting how Murakami inserts sexuality, exaggeration, and anime all into one.

Should I say more?
The flower room and the Kaikai and Kiki to me represent Murakami's utopia. This is what he thinks the land should be like, all flowers and smiley’s looking at you from all directions while Kaikai and Kiki forever remain friends and explore the universe.
Other stuff that I found kool and interesting

The company man and I, by the stairwell art. Notice the contrast between happy land with flowers and smiley’s and camouflage with skull shadows on the wall (all Murakami art).

Outside of the museum, The company man with his Murakami t-shirt purchase and shopping bag and Enid P.

Takashi Murakami
I wanted to buy a scarf with Murakami art but didn't find one.

P.S. I forgot to mention that they have a built in Louis Vuitton store smack in the middle of the exhibit.

What are your thoughts?

Enid P. "Dare to Dream"


The Company Man said...

Love the pics, G (especially the one that looks like uncle ruckus). Thanks for putting me on.

Haute Girl said...

love it! i'm going to check it out this weekend.