Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Metropolitan Museum Gala "Superheroes Exhibit"

Anna Wintour (Editor of Vogue/Inspiration for The Devils Wears Prada). If anyone tells me that this is not Rainbow Brite inspired, then they are lying to me.
Beckham and Posh. Some people say Posh is a fashion icon. She's not doing a good job of convincing me with this outfit.
Zac Posen. Thank god for steamers if not those pants would be real wrinkled right now! The yellow dress designed by him is delish. Together, these three colors are trying to send us a message. Hmmmm....yellow, red, blue....Superman?? maybe!!!Why would you stand so close to your sister? I'm confused by this shot. Most of the time the Olsen twins remind me of gremlins.
Eva Mendes. Love the dress by Calvin Klein but not the shoes.
Hilary Duff. Fitted, shiny, and beautiful.
Ziyi Zhang. Far from Geisha.
Karolina Kurkova is wearing a beautiful dress by Vera Wang. But, what is Wang wearing? Is that ruffled part of her dress a bag or what?
J.Lo and Marc Anthony. She looks good. Doesn't she?
Eva Longoria-Parker. She's too short for all those ruffles.
Christy Turlington and Ed Burns. I didn't even now she was pregnant. She looks gorgeous.
Is Djimon really going out with Kimora Lee. I thought that was just a rumor?
Style is about individuality. I have lots of respect for Andre 3000.
Molly Sims. This is the dress that I would have worn to this event. Impecable!!!
Julia Roberts and Giorgio Armani
Karl Lagerfeld. A living legend.
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a friend. They look happy as always.

I know...I know... you think I've gone mad. But no...this is just me on 2 cups of coffee.
Enid P. "Im Daring to Dream on a daily basis..."


The Company Man said...

I agree...the olsen twins do look like gremlins. or maybe troll dolls. and the one in the gold is clearly the ugly twin. she needs a cheese burger, or power bar or something. immaciation is not stylish. Good post EP.

yeah...definitely troll dolls.

"So good rappers ain't eatin / they olsen twinin'" - Wale

Anonymous said...

Does Kimora have a deal with Crayola?

Danz said...

Eva L's dress was gorgeous but I agree that she was too short to pull it off well. I'm a V.B fan, not necessarily her style though and nothing in this entire look worked. She looked like an evil stepmother or something.

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