Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My outfit

A Rachel Pally Dress-You can wear this shirt dress, as a dress if you have enough courage.  I know I don't.  You can always wear this dress with your tights, or you can wear them with your jeans.  The latter is my favorite.

I have wanted these jeans for so long but I wasn't sure if they were kool or not.  Black faded jeans sound a bit off to me.  But, I'm thinking that they are worth the risk.

Finish off the outfit with a fun colorful Nixon watch or a nice stainless steel that looks like you stole from you boyfriend watch.  I have been drooling over these watches ever since I read about them in Nylon magazine (0ne of my utter favorite mags).

I want to hear what shoes you would all wear with this outfit.

Enid P. "Dare to Dream"

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Lacey said...

What about adding a bag?