Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Philly Roots Picnic

On a beautiful day like June 6th, 2009 on Penns Landing in Philadelphia I experienced an awesome vibe. It was The 2nd Annual Roots Picnic. Through the lens I had the opportunity to realize that Philadelphia is a real artsy town and I really love it. Below is a glimpse of the images that my fashion eye caught.

The TOP 3 Outfits in order of importance.... Start checking out the footwear, seriously!
They looked sexy, cute, and edgy while still very comfortable.
This is couple looked eclectic and fun. Honestly, they look like people that I would love to party with!!
Clueless in Penns Landing, yet with the right amount of unique.

Kicks were the staple... The funkier the kooler, the funkier the better, and the more I looked the more impressed I was.

ME, I just wore my limited edition Nike dunks, that I bought last Summer.

And in this grass-less picnic, sneakers were the better option, because if you wore sandals you could risk having your feet looking like this. What would Tory Burch say??

The men had their uniforms, cargo shorts (preferably army fatigue cargo shorts), tees, and kicks.

Santigold and her dancer.
I totally understand why her dancer has a gold jacket on...Santigold....get it??
But, till this day I am asking myself why does a young, female, sexy, beautiful, and talented artist like Santigold look like she's wearing a onesie?
I'm here to say (and I'm talking directly to Santigold), I get it Santigold. I get you. I know you are different and you are unique. I can hear it in your music. We need to have that translate into your wardrobe so that it matches your presence.

Other delicious sights around the picnic.
Believe it or Not, A Gap T-Shirt (if women rode Dinosaurs)

My friend Karina brought this ring from her recent travels to Brazil. She said "I bought this ring in every color, they were mad cheap".... I'm thinking, where's mine?? I love you Karina!!

"Dare to Dream" Enid P.

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