Sunday, October 18, 2009

Football & Lingerie

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) officially kicked off on October 9th.

It launched five years ago as the gentleman's alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show, the Lingerie Bowl is finally, at long last, turning into an official league, complete with 10 teams.

The LFL looks like a '70s roller derby, mixed with the pageantry of the Victoria's Secret runway show and the drama of Rock of Love. Basically, the ladies of the LFL engage in weekly bouts of full-contact, seven-on-seven gridiron football—no field goals, no punts, one linewoman, all action—clad in little more than helmets, shoulder pads and matching undergarments deemed "jerseys."

Check it out for yourself, on Halloweens eve, October 30th the New York Majesty plays its first game against the Philadelphia Passion.

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