Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All I want for my Birthday is you...

and the countdown begins... My birthday is in 14 days.

My age will be....ta' ta' ta'... 31!!
Whenever I say I'm 31, everyone does a double take. Ahhh... I think its my baby cheaks that make me look young. I feel young inside, but I still understand the limitations and the benefits of being in my 30's.

My body tells me when it can't go anymore... that goes for partying, working out, or working. My body yells really loud and says " NO MORE ENID". The upside is that Enid listens and complies immediately.

This year I truly came to the understanding that it's not worth it to over stress my mind, body and overall well being. I don't feel like I'm missing out when I decline to do anything.

And my favorite...It's awesome to know what you want in life and just simply go for it, with no regrets, no reservations and 100% ALL IN!!

I'm telling you, the benefits just keep coming as the days go by...

But, Enough about me.... here is my Birthday wish list.

BCBG Max Azria ruffle skirt. I love tu tu-ish skirts all day.
Plaid PJ's from American Eagle. Grandpa sexy!
Cole Haan Village Small Travel with a laptop sleeve. I carry my macbook everywhere!!
Madewell 1937-Biker Boots. I want to wear these boots with the skirt.

Anoname Paris Skinny in the color ash.

Enid P. "Still dreaming as she approaches 31"


Fashion Therapist said...

Awesome wish list and I have to say you don't even look 30! You must have a great routine...and genes.

postia said...

Many Many good wishes for your birthday and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. You have given a nice wish list.