Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheeseburger madness...

Amongst my many other dreams....
I've been dreaming of warm sunny days, the beach, the ocean, bike rides, popsicles, parks, picnics, fireworks and 4th of July, which brings me to burgers...

How much fun are these burger accessories? I just had to share!!
I would definitely buy the barrettes and wear them on the 4th of July.... But I would also get the phone and the ring.... And I adore the burger soap!!

Which ones would you get?

The Juno cheeseburger phone

Knit cheeseburger coaster set
Q. Pot cheeseburger stackable charms necklace
Cheeseburger iPhone case
The cheeseburger dress
Cheeseburger hairpins

Cheeseburger and fries soap for an outdoor barbecue party or for your everyday life.
Cheeseburger earrings

Stackable cheeseburger ring

Enid P.

1 comment:

Fashion Therapist said...

That hamburger coaster set is genius. That definitely gets my vote.