Monday, March 07, 2011

The Liquor Store-J.Crew

The J.Crew Men's shop, The Liquor Store
The Tribeca tavern located in a landmark 1825 townhouse.

Same location on March 4th, 2011- now a Men's J.Crew shop
Located at 235 West Broadway NY NY

The original wood bar is still intact.
Make sure you look behind the bar for vintagey decor details.

This sign is beautiful
Store Hours- looks like it was done with chalk but maybe its just a white marker.

If you haven't been in here, man or women... you should go...
It's such a peaceful and beautiful store. The overall feeling of the store and in the store is phenomenal. I wish I had more excuses to go there. Maybe one day they will integrate women's clothing into the shop.

Enid P.

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