Thursday, April 20, 2006

dresses for spring

The picture that I have on my page right now is what I wore for my 27th birthday party, which I themed "27 and fabulous". This dress was made out of silk and flowed with the body perfectly. It bought at banana republic and I must say BR did a good job with their christmas season selection. the color was great and the cut would flatter any body shape. I also think that they did a good job with the spring dresses as well. I have 2 spring weddings and 1 summer wedding to attend. Below are the dresses that I am looking into buying.

1. The strapless searsucker dress ($148).
2. For casual days at work -the rolled-sleeve shirtdress from BRep ($138).
3. The linen woodblock print-dress ($118) is not for a wedding but more like an easter luncheon, baptism, etc.(Banana Republic).
4. Lena cotton/silk lawn pleated dress ($198) from JCrew. I only like the papaya color on this dress.
I love all four dresses, for all the right reasons. They are definitely priced reasonbly and are shape forgiving. They are fitted on the top and waist and then the it flows away from the body. This is how a dress for all body shapes should be constructed. That's all on dresses for spring and summer.

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Eridania Tejada said...

I absolutely love your style. You look great and consequently will provide great info to those who have lost an eye for fashion. Shopping has become another to do list, I wish sometimes someone will just say 'Here wear this". Good luck !!!