Wednesday, April 19, 2006

must have bags

Today I realized how important bags are for your look. I have known for a very long time that bags are important, but as I listen to the women in my office I realize it more and more.
I had one lady proudly tell me that she did not buy a dining table for her new apartment because she got the new "it" Gucci bag. The same exact one that Jessica Simpson seems to have made very famous. Now in order to get the bag you will need to get on a waiting list. This fact even makes her more proud. She has also forgone two months of rent in order to get a Marc Jacobs bag.
Don't get me wrong. I would do these things if I could. But I would not dare not pay my mortgage to have an "it bag."
Women are now asking for bags, for any and all occasions; for christmas, for their birthdays, for mothers day, etc. I think it has everything to do with the economy. In a time where gas prices are so high ($3.00 per gallon-regular) buying a bag for over $800.00 feels like you actually fought your own war to have that bag. It's an accomplished feeling, of I won.
I know America has a consumer-driven economy. But where do we stop? when do we start saving?
I for one, try to find the balance between saving and spending for my "it bag". (My "it bag" Louis Vuitton Deauville $1,000.00)



alicew said...

I just wanted to say that my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of fashion thanks to your colorful views and vast knowledge of what is in and " in style " I found myself walking through a Century 21 store and recognized name brands not only on the racks but what was embraced on the arms of patrons. I could hear your words in the back of my head as I scoped the racks in every direction hoping for that fashion treasure. I now can hear myself ask the question you have so energetically placed in my head... Is this purchase going to make me really really happy and is it WHAT I REALLY WANT. That is now my new guide. Do not buy a bag or shoes just because but how it will make you feel. Thanks for the thoughts and scoops of what is out there that can be obtained. Why not reach for something because its beautiful. Make the rest happen yourself. Set a goal of the Must have bag or shoes and get it. Thanks again. Indebted to you for fashion sense.

The Music-Caster said...

I disagree!!! I think its our patriotic duty as citizens of this compassionate, yet heavy handed, nation so appropriately called The United States of America to consume, consume, consume!!! We need to put as much of our earned income back into the economy! Its our duty as Americans. This talk of conservation is....dare I say it?....WRECKLESS!!

Are you with us? Or are you with the enemy? After all, they hate us for our freedom...

Anonymous said...

I love the sight. I am impressed. I guess your just 27 and fabulous! Let's start setting up some links to retailers and establish some relationships so that you can get paid.