Friday, July 14, 2006

Keith Michael wow....

I have become totally obsessed with Project Runway. Project Runway allows me to see the future designers of America. I can see them developing their ideas right before my eyes and I'm totally fascinated with the process. I think this guy Keith Michael is great and I'm glad that he won the challenge. He understands silhouette, color, and accessories. He had the entire look put together and it looked nothing but fabulous. This picture does no justice to the dress. As I mentioned before cinching the waist is the way to go. Keith Michael found the smallest part of the model and created that as a focus point. When the model turned around she revealed that the dress had very cute red buttons running down the back. The most amazing part of this designer is the amount of time that Keith Michael had to design, cut and make this dress. This dress is runway material with its crazy cut in the bottom, but it is also wearable for the everyday women. I would say this dress could retail anywhere from $149.00 to $250.00, depending on the fabric utilized.

P.S. Macy's is a sponsor and the dress was shown on the Macy's window the very next day, July 13th.


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