Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Street attire...

I absolutely love featuring everyday people. It is my passion to understand everyday people and to help my audience understand why a day to day outfit works or doesn't work. To the right you have my friend that I will call T. He is going for Sunday brunch in NYC.

What do I love about his outfit right away?

The first thing popping out at me is the pink polo top. I like it because pink is a color that most men are afraid to use, but men should not get confused. Colors are not gender specific. For T this polo top exudes confidence. The denim is slim but relaxed cut, the best feature of this pant is that it has a dark denim, and that automatically makes it look dressier. I love the sandals he is wearing. T wears them in brown and that is the best color for his complexion because black would be too harsh on him and on this outfit. His bag matches his brown sandals but is more functional than anything. In the city you need to be able to travel and do errands around the city without having to go home in between.

Kudos to T for understanding pink...

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

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Adrian said...

This style is pretty common, no? I mean, a pink polo on a man...how original!

Nevertheless, he does look casual and comfortable, which always makes you look good.