Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I would like to introduce all of you to Susan at work. She is a sweetheart. I have finally found a real life explanation for everyone to learn from. This Summer the color white is just wonderful to be wearing and by the way it's a myth that black pants make you look thinner and white makes you look bigger. Pairing this shirt with black would just make the outfit look boring in my opinion. When your entire wardrobe consists of a pair of black pants with a different colored top, then it's boring...
I will go through the entire outfit and will start from the bottom. Susan has beautiful white shoes on, they are Nine West peep-toe sling backs, perfect as work attire. They give just the right amount of toe exposure. The white pants work very well, first because it is a straight cut pant and secondly because it is made out of denim material. The sleveless blue shirt is from NY and Co. and it works for Susan because the bright blue and the v-neck brings the focus to her face and the rouching camouflages any belly problems that she may have. Kudos to Susan she has put together an all about-style outfit.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Natalie said...

I just can't do the white pants. There's nowhere for the dirt and stuff I spill to hide. =)

BK said...

You will not catch me in a pair of white pants either (unless I move to some tropical island). Dont get me wrong, they work great for Susan, but I think in general it is true that they make you look larger than life.

Money Miss said...

I spill stuff over myself all the time. White is not a good idea.

concerned daughter said...

susan susan susan..where do i begin
who ever told u to dress like that has good glad ur style has changed!!!!
im am a little concerned about how u will dress when ur like 60


ur a great co-worker!!

love ya sweetie =]

confused daughter said...

awww susan
u have a great sense of style
and u know wut
when ur 60 u'll always bee in style..

u'll be 1 hott mamii

susan's #1 fan said...

why even worry about what she'll look like when shes older shes got a while till the age of 60 soo dont rush thingss!!! take time as it goes =]

susan im glad ur my sister <3

Luly said...

I have to say, I work with Susan, and she has come such a long way from her usual black slacks. I love the white pants this year. I have one straight leg and one flare leg from THE LOFT, and I LOVE them. I do get a little concerned about the weight thing, but the more I wear them, the more comfortable I get wearing them. I really don't think I look that much different weight wise with them. I LOVE my white pants.... and Susan looks great in hers too.