Monday, July 31, 2006

A lesson learned...

The pageant dress made for Miss USA by Kayne Gillaspie from Project Runway was very well done. In my eyes her best assets were accentuated, which was in this case her collar bones. They were adorned with the jewelry that was part of the dress and the jewelry did not look overbearing. On the contrary, it brought the focus to her face and made her glow. The jewels continued onto the back and that was a great bonus. One thing I must say is that even though the dress had ruffles on the bottom, which I am not a fan of, it made her look taller. I was surprised and more than surprised, I was perplexed at this fact. The girl is only 5'5". How can something that bunches up on the bottom make her look taller? BUT it did. You can also tell that the fit was customized for Miss USA because it fit her like a glove and definitely better than on the Project Runway model. The lesson learned for me, is to always try clothing on, and don't judge it by its style, you never know what the garment may look once you wear it on your body.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

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