Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A suit that suits...

I watched the VMA MTV Show and thought that overall it was not a fantastic show but definitely entertaining enough for me to watch the entire show. I was very entertained by Missy E entrance...
But, was even more entertained by Justin Timberlake's performance. I liked the Justin Timberlake and Timberland part of the performance. They were the first performance and gave the show lots of energy. The role that I take for any award show is one of the observer. So I sit, enjoy, and try to understand the creativity that puts the entire show together.
Justin Timberlake looked impeccable. He was definitely bringing "sexy back". However, I thought that Timberland's outfit fell behind mainly because of the jacket. I have never been a fan of the double breasted jacket for one main reason, it makes the person who is wearing the suit look heavier. The jacket was also too long and the cuff showed too much of his shirt. A suit is a garment that when selected properly will make you look better; slim, lean, streamlined and more importantly sophisticated, that is the reason why Justin T. looked great in his suit and Timberland didn't.

Here are the general rules:
A suit should be tailored to your form, but should not pull or wrinkle when you button the jacket. The length of the jacket is also very important. As a rule, I think the length of the jacket should not surpass the crotch of the pant. Lastly the sleeve length of the jacket should be long enough to show a 1/2 an inch to an 1 inch but no more of your shirt. All these rules are depending on your height.
Keep in mind, a good eye in addition to a good tailor is definitely needed in order to have the suit look impeccable.
P.S. Never button the last button on your suit jacket.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Sarah said...

justin timberlake is quite sexy.
i agree with all you said, and gr post and blog.

Jessica said...

you know i really don't know any of the suit rules...i guess i can tell if it is blatantly wrong...but thankfully my husband has great style and knows all the rules!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, always, never. Is the best way to remember how to button a suit properly.