Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Project and the Runway

Do I love Project Runway? Oh Yes I do!! I didn't write about it last week because I was upset about the results. But, Project Runway is back on track now. The challenge was to design and construct a black and white dress for a cocktail party. I have attached the two dresses that I loved and that I would definitely wear, if and when available. I can't praise enough Michael Knight because more than understanding style and silhouette, he understands marketing. I know that he will be able to develop a line after the show is over whether he wins Project Runway or not. The exposure he has received with the show paired with the fact that his design can be sold at any and all price points will have many retailers knocking on his door for a variety of opportunities... The question will then be, What opportunity will Michael Knight pursue? I think he wants his own line first and then he can design for someone else. I am not a designer, but I would guess that is every designers dream. Only time will tell how things will develop.
Also, I have to note that Kayne's dress (the black dress) was nice... I liked the fit of the dress and the element of surprise in the back, the white ribbon. I don't think they should have kicked him out just yet.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

P.S. To add to my love for Michael, I thought that it was very nice of him to try to help Kayne, and tell him that the dress was looking a bit hooker-ish.


Sunniva said...

I love love love Project Runway! It is one of the best shows ever!

Nice it :D
Sunniva xxx

Girl of Approval said...

I love Micheal Knight. He has great designs and a great sense of cut, color, and style. He also understands bodies not just mannequins, which too many people fail to realize people are not.

I hope he goes far.