Friday, September 15, 2006

The Bella found the Bella Band

PG looks stupendous at 5 months-1 week and still counting. She has finally found a solution (The Bella Band) that probably every pregnant women should utilize. I will get back to that later. I want to admire the outfit first. She is making great use of the fall trends, grey is the new black. So having a great grey sweater is not only trendy, but it is also a great fall staple that everyone should have in their closet. Most of the sweaters in stores now have some length to them this benefits PG, because length is what she needs in order to cover her growing belly. PG is wearing the black pants that she found in her closet, from when she was one size bigger and used the Bella Band. Her shoes are a silverish colored teal ballet flat with a small ribbon bow (very cute) and adds a punch of color. Her jewelry is very simple but pulls everything together, one thin silver strand, with clear beads in purple and teal. The bag is Rebecca Minkoff and even though it's a rich caramel color, it works with the outfit because its a neutral color.
Now I want to talk about proportion, Why does the outfit work? The billowy sleeves help PG balance out her growing bottom. To look slimmer, sweaters need to be above the hips or below the hips, never at the hips because it will bring focus to the widest part of the body (usually the hips...). The leg line looks long and lean. She fits first the widest part of her leg, the hips, and then follows that line straight down with a bit of flare. Notice the length of the pant. It is not touching the floor but it is as close as possible to the floor, so that the leg line looks as long as possible.
Now for the Bella Band. PG found this seamless knit band that goes over the waistline of your regular pants, and basically turns them into maternity pants by holding up the pants and smoothing out the part of the pant that can no longer be zipped up. The band can be used expanded or folded and it actually works. This is what PG is wearing. If you look very closely you can almost see the line of wear it begins and ends. The Bella Band comes various colors and sizes. All you have to do is choose your pre-pregnancy size.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


le fashion said...

i like ballerina flats at fyrst picture, great colour.!

Jessica said...

love the splash of color with the shoes! and the bella band...i will have to tell all my pregnant friends about that! they had been using a rubber band threaded through the button hole and attaching to the button (cheaper..but this looks more comfortable!)

Anonymous said...

Love the Bella Band...It's a pitty that I didn't know about it 2 years ago..Love your style. Proud to be a Dominican Women specially from La Vega. Take care

Musikscaster said... yall leave your pants unbuttoned??

EnidP said...

Musikscaster... Yes...The buttoning happens with the Bella Band. The Bella Band would be the only closure.


Anonymous said...

I've heard rave reviews about the Bella Band. Thanks for posting pics b/c I was a lil' confused about how it works. Your friend looks so cute and I love those flats!