Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Target: Proenza Schouler

My best advice on how to get a hold of the Proenza Schouler Target Collection is to run to Target today, or order online right now!! I am ordering my top picks right now.....

These 3 outfits make me dream of Spring days and colorful shoes.

I know that I can't live with out this top. I will be vacationing on the island of Dominican Republic and will definitely make good use of this top. I'm not sure that I will tie this shirt in the front the way its shown here. I would tie it in the back. Price: $34.99

I love the idea of using this jacket on Easter weekend. Light, airy, and cute.

I absolutely adore this color. I would like to wear this dress for a baptism event that I will attend during my vacation. I can also see myself wearing this dress with cute embellished silver flip flops, silver bangles and a hobo bag. Price: $39.99

Order now....ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

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