Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rocker/Biker/Riding Boots

I love Jessica Alba's style. In my eyes, her style is urban chic. She always looks very simple and cute. I saw this picture of her wearing these rocker/biker/riding boots and promised myself to find something similar.
It was a very difficult task and at the end I found a Nine West pair that I thought would do the trick.
I forgot all about this, until.....My blogger friend D.Celestine @ Shopaholics Anonymous did a post about these Jessica Alba boots and also found a perfect pair for her (Cole Haan). My comment to her was, "I looked for boots like these as well and found something but not as close to the Jessica Alba boots as you did." Her comment to me was "Enid, did you post a picture of the ones you found?"
D. Celestine, Here are the boots that I was talking about and below is a picture of my outfit yesterday.

Dress: H&M $39, Sweater: Old Navy $20, Leggings: Old Navy $14, Boots: Nine West $75.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


wendy said...

oooh i like those boots! damn, i wish i hadnt already bought so many pairs of boots so i can just get one more, guilt-free.

ENID P. said...

Wendy, Could you post some or all of your boots?


Musikscaster said...

I like how all of the outfits you showcase are amazingly affordable. Do you plan on showcasing great deals for guys? I need new boots in the worst way. what do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

Hey Enid it's Mona. I love these boots!!! Did you have a problem with them being tight on the calves?? I have the toughest time with riding boots...

ENID P. said...

Hi Mona,
I didnt have a problem with these boots at all. I believe that a trip to the shoe repair shop will work. They willeither add a stretch piece or by actually stretching the leather.

You are correct.. My outfits are very affordable and I am very budget conscious. However, in order to give your entire outfit that upgraded feel you must splurge on specific items. For women that item is bags and for men it's shoes. My favorite shoes for men are Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan and Hugo Boss. For affordable shoes you can go to Aldo and Banana Republic. I will post a blog with specific links.

Shopaholic D said...

nicely done! your boots are a great match too...glad we were both able to find our "look-alikes"

:) D