Thursday, April 05, 2007

Green Vs. Yellow

On a previous post I was completely in love with the green swirl dress from Anthropologie. I had an event to go to and I was just browsing on the net for ideas on what to wear. I headed to Anthropologie and picked up 2 dresses.

I didn't like the seedling halter dress for a few reasons, starting with that fact that it did not flatter my chest area. 2. The swirl print from top to bottom was a total distraction. It felt like too much was going on. 3. It was pinching my outer chest area, and 3. the belt did not sit naturally at the waist. 4. Lastly, their was not enough volume on the skirt and I wanted more of an A-line silhouette.
The seven hills dress worked much better. 1. It was not the washed out color the website made it to be, it's actually a beautiful bright spring yellow that is perfect for a party in the Caribbean. 2. The v-neck at the chest area brings the focus upwards and brightens up the face, 3. It also narrows the waist, as so does the empire cut of the dress. 4. An finally I found the skirt had the volume I was looking for.
Overall, I am extremely happy with my yellow dress and in the process of returning the green swirl dress.
ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


I-S-F said...

Good decision - the yellow is much much prettier. Very sweet! I-S-F

Natalie said...

The yellow looks much better on. Good choice.