Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Latest Acquisition

I couldn't stop thinking about them!!!!
That's when I know that I have to buy something. I get this strong sense of urgency. And whenever I'm getting dressed every outfit would look better with that one item that is still in the store and not in my closet. I can't stop thinking about it and sometimes I can't even stop telling my friends about it. In addition to all this, I usually start going over the different reasons in my head as to why this purchase is a good one. That's when it gets to be too much and I figure that for the peace of mind I should just buy "IT'. Whatever "IT" may be.
This week these two shoes were "IT".
I bought them both yesterday and am wearing Liatris today. I love every single part of Liatris. She has a red sole and is my first platform shoe. I expect to wear Trenton no later than tomorrow, of course if the weather permits.
ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Miss A said...

I love the Liatris pair!!! They're beautiful!

wendy said...

i LOVE the second pair!!! ooo me want!

Natalie said...

I'm a big fan of Liatris. I haven't been shopping in ages. I miss it.

Model Citzen said...

i have the trentons. they were only 79 dollars, and rihanna was wearing them on trl yesterday. I didn't realize these were a knockoff when i got them, but they're actually a replica of stella mccartney's shoe

dianabobar said...

Love the Trenton! yeah, very Stella. but, so what?
they are chic and affordable and if i could I'd get a pair.

Candid Cool said...

I have the 1st pair too, the 2nd are cute too.