Friday, June 22, 2007

Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up

I went shopping yesterday and stopped by H&M. I found this top for $20 and loved it for its comfort factor.
Then later on at home, I was flipping through the pages of In Style magazine and saw this picture of Katherine Heigl in the movie Knocked Up. It's almost the same exact shirt!! In another color obviously. I think this top is super cute and comfy. Friday's is dress down day at work and I thought that jeans, patent leather shoes, and a nice delicate necklace would make this casual look appear put together.

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"


Frasypoo said...

Thats a cute top.Very elegant

simply olive said...

cute summer top.
i saw your comment on the sartorialist and thought i'd check you out. fun blog.

drop by mine sometime

The Stiletto Effect said...

cute, cute, cute :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an idea where I can get a bag similar to the one in the picture? I have been looking and looking, but no luck. I heard that Katherine Heigl's bag came from the Santee Alley section of LA, but I cannot find a name of the maker--if there even is one.

McDreamer said...

Oh how i love that top! Especially the color... I'm into wild and vivid colors these past few days!