Monday, November 12, 2007

Searching for the perfect bag...

Have you ever been in search for the perfect bag? I have a ton of beautiful bags but none of them are functional. Now, I am on a hunt for the perfect bag, one that is beautiful and that can fit everything that I need.

I have a couple of candidates, however I'm still not completely sold on them. Tell me what you guys think...

COACH Lilly Satchel $1198 USD

Kenneth Cole Tab Loid $378 USD

Kennth Cole Tab-Loid Tote$378 USD.

Cole Haan Aerin Tote $450 USD.

Cole Haan Aerin Medium$395 USD.
Enid P. "Dare to Dream"


christina oh said...

I think all the bags look a bit blah. If you're looking for something functional, PLEASE check out my handbag line. I would recommend the ELISE for you. They are uber functional and very attractive. I'd love your feedback - whatever it may be. My line will be available at Delfino's in NY, Nordstrom Trend, Ice Accesories and Fred Segal. Thanks!! (Even if you don't get my line, i would not get any of the bags pictured...ugh!):)

junation said...

Love the Coach bags.