Monday, December 03, 2007

I want one in New York City

Could you imagine having one of these in Manhattan? An Amex Members Lounge with a gazillion perks. A place where you can rest during, after, or before all the shopping craziness; you can charge your ipod, charge your cell phone, and get any of the following complimentary services....
3.Gift Wrapping
a chance to just kick back and relax...It's a way to reward yourself while you get gifts for others.

Amex Cardmembers will also be able to purchase American Express Gift Cards and use Members Rewards Points to buy items like a camera, Xbox, or an iPhone, all at discounted rates in the Lounges.

Well some folks are lucky because from November 16 through December 31 The Amex Members Lounge is available at The Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, New Jersey and at The Natick Collection in Natick, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston.

I think the drive to Jersey might be worth it...
Enid P. " Dare to Dream"

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McDreamer said...

Wow! This is life!!! How I wish they can have one here in Manila too! Oh maybe Citibank can do that???