Monday, May 05, 2008

Fashionable Published Review - Lindsay Lohan

I just saw this spread of Lilo (Lindsay Lohan) this week. However, it was published months ago, on February 18, 2008 in the New York magazine.

I only had 2 questions?

1. I am not a prude or anything but, Why would she WANT to do this?
2. Am I the only person that hasn't seen these pictures?
The Marilyn Monroe (above) pictures taken in 1962 known as "The Last Sitting".

All Lindsay Lohan (below).

Enid P. "Even Lilo gets to Dream"


kcardosa said...

I'll commend her for NOT having a stick-thin figure, but I still think this wasn't her best decision. Unfortunately, she lacks the sex appeal Marilyn had. She should've passed this job on to ScarJo!

Anonymous said...

I luv Lilo's MM shoot
She usually has a great smile but this one is different

ScarJo is too type cast for this kind of photoshoot she dress and hair like Marilyn 24/7 it won't cause much buzz like LL did.

Anonymous said...

im sorry this is a little late but i JUST came across it.. a) i think she looks gross and b) I hadnt seen these pics until just now,, so no ur not the only one. great blog btw