Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fashion Photography Class

I took a Fashion Photography class and learned a few things that will be extremely useful in terms of being a successful Stylist.
My main learning lessons were:
1. If you want to have a W magazine picture (which I do!), then think like W magazine.  W mag never cares about the clothes.  They care about making a beautiful picture, creating art, and doing something different.

2.  The Stylist and The Photographer should always be on the same page in terms of what they want to create in the set/spread of pictures.  The vision needs to work for both parties for success to occur.

3. Continuity and consistency is a must.  But, always remember, where there is art and fashion and creativity involved, there are NO RULES.  God Bless Fashion!! I love it!!

Above is a set of pictures, that included 4 Stylists Angelia Poulopoulou, Hidenori Iio, Tiffany Pinkney, and Enid P., Alicia Teng Photographer.

"Dare to Dream" Enid P. 
P.S. Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge.

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