Sunday, March 08, 2009

Liz Claiborne-Isaac Mizrahi

The Liz Claiborne Isaac Mizrahi campaign is genius.  It's bold, colorful, down to earth and made for real women.  This is exactly what is wanted and needed by women all over the world,especially in an economic recession.  This is not the time to stare a bunch of unrealistically (don't think this is a word) thin models wearing stuff that you know is way too expensive and that in reality might not fit you the same.  (I, myself have stopped my magazine renewals). A campaign that showcases women of all ranges wearing clothes that are reasonably priced looking and feeling phenomenal, deserves "koodos" from the retail industry and from me too.

Go Isaac Mizrahi!!  You get 100% percent for creativity.  I was running on the treadmill when I saw a NYC bus pass by and the colors caught my attention.  Love it!!

"Dare to Dream" Enid P.
Note: Some pictures were taken from the Isaac Mizrahi NY Blog

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xs said...

this is a fantastic idea. the collection is so colorful!