Saturday, May 16, 2009

Målaga May 16th

Fuimos al Jardin Botanico y esperabamos muchas flores.  We went to the Botanical Garden of Målaga expecting to see many beautiful flowers.
We found a lake.
A waterfall (una cascada)

Una mansion muy linda en la cima del Jardin.  A beautiful mansion at the top of the Botanical Garden.

We found great views, una vista maravillosa.

We found these off the exit trail.

and... We found the entrance wall covered in flowers.
Ham legs are very famous in Spain.  I have never ever seen this stuff.
During the evening, Nathalie and I went for very relaxing Baños Arabes.
See how relaxed we look at the end of the Baños Arabes.


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It seems like you have enjoyed yourself a lot. And you are also looking really lovely. Thanks for the images. I also got to see a wonderful place. :D

Anonymous said...

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