Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spain The Wrapup

EP in shopping mode.... woah!
I found one size 7 in a must have Spaniard shoe.
I was relentless, Nathalie will confirm it. My mission was to find that other shoe.
Eventually I did.

These Super Poly things drove my crazy...in a good way.

The Hello Kitty Super Poly family. Total cost: 4 Euros; A lion, A dolphin, A kangaroo, and A Crocodile.
In the balcony of Europe in Nerja
In the balcony of Europe in Nerja

A man that holds on to my bag.... only in Europe!!
The ham leg arc. Nathalie doesn't understand it and neither do I. Nevertheless, I decided to take a picture and smile.

The Caves of Nerja

Las Cuevas de Nerja
Olives and Garlic given for the bread. The garlic doesn't even taste like garlic. They have been drowned in lemon for a very long time and they taste really good.

My last paella!!
Beautifully served.

Chocolate con vainilla, delish!!

Walking along Malaga
Nathalie's home in Spain, very chic!!
Chiringuito, that's what they call any establishment by the beach....

Flamenco dresses. I wonder is these dresses just rest in the daytime and dance in the night.
La Catedral de Malaga
La Catedral de Malaga

Clubbing in Malaga

A hot dog after partying all night.... we each ate 2 hot dogs with everything on it.

Tapas and CaƱa (draft beer) thankfully happened before the bullfight.
Nath and I at the bullfight. They killed 3 bulls
The Bullfight Matadores
The Matadores have very impressive posture but that is the only thing I admired.

That Bull has now gone to heaven. I'm not even trying to be funny about this.

Overall, Spain was more impressive and memorable that I had ever expected. Spain was exactly what I needed and it happened exactly when I needed it.
A new place with an old friend; completely awesome!!!!

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