Friday, July 10, 2009

Lusting Over...

I have to say it. In this economy I am not shopping for anything. My thinking process goes a bit like this. "Enid, you have alot of stuff, you don't have space for all your stuff, save that money for some other stuff..." However, I have one item in my heart and mind that I can not shake out.

It is a shoe from NINE WEST, Jezebelle. The cost of the shoe is $129.00, which is a bit expensive for a NINE WEST shoe, if you ask me. Therefore, I have been waiting for the price to drop for a month now with no avail.

It comes in other colors and in suede. I'm in love with the metallic. I envision these shoes with white capri pants to wear this summer.

AHHH!! Trust me, this lust will one day turn into love and the shoes will be mine.

"Dare to Dream" Enid P.


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