Monday, August 03, 2009

Cartier getting creative

The Marcello de Cartier handbag is something that I would describe as purely creative and also as something that I would never actually use.
However, I will tell you what I do appreciate about this handbag, and about fashion as art. Since I consider myself to be of extreme creative nature and I see beauty in everything around me and more often than not it inspires me, I also love the fact that at any moment an idea will pop up into my head and regardless of it being "good" or not, it's my idea and I'll experience extreme satisfaction in developing this idea from this crazy inspiration.

This is why I would love to say that I know EXACTLY where the inspiration for this Cartier handbag came from. When the creative folks at Cartier thought up this handbag they must have been at the actual Congo or at the Bronx Zoo at the Congo exhibit observing the Colobus monkey. The Colobus Monkey is an exotic looking animal; they have beautiful black fur contrasting with their long white mantle, whiskers and beard around the face and the bushy white tail.

The first thing that I thought of when I saw the Cartier de Marcello was ...this looks like the Colobus Monkey...
What you agree?

"Dare to Dream" Enid P.


Naznin said...

Wow, your blog is A-MA-ZING!!

If one day you come to Brazil, please let me know ok? I love fashion, but it's just not my thing. I don't have it, but I really would like to hear some hints from a professional.

From now on, I'll check your posts! Great pictures, by the way.


The Company said...

sure looks like a monkey to me...