Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jimmy Choo & H&M

Jimmy Choo pairing up with H&M....This is such music to my ears. I'm so utterly obsessed with shoes that sometimes I wanna wear them everywhere, including to the beach because one never knows where you'll end up after the beach. Por ejemplo, I went to the beach with my friend's birthday and after the beach we ended up at the Boat Basin, hence, HEELS NEEDED!!
I had my beach hair, a beach tan, my beach dress, AND no heels!!
Back on the subject though, this marriage between H&M and Jimmy Choo comes at a great time, a time of economic hardship where everyone is looking for a deal. I just hope that by November 14th they manufacture enough of these shoes to supply the demand that both of the retailers have created. It's more than wanted, it's necessary!!

I do have reservations about Jimmy Choo and H&M joining forces, will quality be compromised? What kind of materials will they use? Will this material cut into my feet to the point where I don't wear them and they end up in my closet as a permanent fixture?
hmmm....I wonder...
However, seeing that Fergie looks comfortable in them gives me hope.

Enid P. "Dare to Dream"


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