Sunday, July 08, 2007

B-Day's are important...

Hey!! I just got back from The Bahamas. It was a great vacation and I'm glad to be back. All I can say is that everyone should visit The Bahamas at least once in there lifetime. But, enough about that....
One of my very good friends sent me this email.

Hi E.P., Can you help me?

For my Birthday outfit this year I want to wear something different. I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. My goal is to find a trendy combination complete with accessories.

I love all the new baby doll/ruffle type shirts that are very fashionable now and would like to go that route. The most important thing for me is being comfortable. My budget is $200.00 USD.
I called her up and we determined that we wanted to try shorts and colored shoes. We bought the shoes first one weekend while hanging out on the town. Then we made a shopping date. I had previously spotted shorts at Club Monaco ($69). So I took her there first. My initial reaction was to get white shorts but we tried on all colors. The light grey was a perfect match.
At the end of the shopping day we came up with these 2 outfits (below). The white top is from H&M ($19.90)and the grey top is from Armani Exchange ($59). The grey shirt was very cute but needed tailoring because it looked a bit pj-ish. The white top had the comfort feel with the a summer flowy twist we were looking for, so we went with the H&M top right away.
Because of my schedule, she was all alone on the accessories. I told her I envisioned a thin blueish long necklace and wooden bangles. She did great. She found these accessories at Laila Rowe ($35). I didn't agree on this necklace (above).

This was her comment after the party....

"I think I found the perfect look (picture above at the party) while still being ME – comfortable and sexy!”... I agree!! :-)

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

P.S. It was all done within the budget.

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