Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Question and Answer # 103

I have received another question from J.... I hope I'm not too late...

Question: Thank you again for the great advice, you really helped me. Congrats on your new client. I better ask while I still can (b4 u r busy 4ever). I have some more questions: about the jeans, are you wearing high waisted now (also on skirts, etc.)? or are mid and low (not too), ok? also, do you wear shorts (somebody told me nobody wears them, only skirts), and do you wear cargo (pants), or leave them in Cali? if you do wear shorts, what length would they be, also skirts? also, just bought some black wedge espadrilles, do you wear them in NY? what would you wear them with? last question: what do you wear for working out, jogging in the city, etc. not board shorts (I'm sure), those are staying here.
Thanks again! J........
ANSWER: Hey J.......,
Glad to hear back from you. I will never be too busy for you, so no worries. I have lots of fun doing this.
On your questions....
The Jeans: In NY high waisted jeans have yet to hit mainstream retail stores or the streets. I have only seen high waisted jeans in tabloid pictures... In my opinion these jeans are a fad and will not be here for long, mainly because they don't flatter the shape of most women.
On Skirts: If you are asking about high waisted skirts, that's a no. Jean skirts are worn very often in NYC. The length is cutest at the mid thigh and a bit shorter paired with vintagey T-shirts and flats, either keds, ballet flats, or flip flops. Other good options for skirts are pencil skirts or biased cut skirts, usually no longer than below the knee.
Shorts: Shorts like how?? In NYC bermuda shorts are very common, worn with heels when a dressy look is warranted. Also short shorts are in style, with a mid thigh length, with or without cuffs. To answer your question about Cargo's, I think they are pretty much done with and on their way out. If you have a pair of cargos that you love then bring them to NYC. If you don't love them and feel like you can live without them, then leave them. Shoes: Wedges are so very worn here. Buying espadrilles is a great move. The wedge look is very casual in the city but add height and a punch of dressiness. I like wedges because they are the one of the most comfortable type of heels and I can wear them to central park. Working out: In NYC, not board shorts, you are completely right. You need to think Stella McCartney's Adidas collection.Hope this helps!

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