Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ms.C and the dresses Q&A # 104

I received the following dilemma from Ms. C
QUESTION: I found these dresses at H&M. Which dress should I keep?

ANSWER: If a single garment is less than $30 dollars and I go as far as taking it home because I like it so much and I can't decide on which color to select.... I opt for keeping both items of clothing. This summer dresses are everywhere and therefore Ms. C is bound to get full use of these two dresses this summer.
I like the fact that she has a standout raspberry colored dress with a fun look and a more traditional (safe) black dress with a dressy look.

For $30 a dress I think its worth keeping both dresses just to add that spark into your closet.

However, If I had to really chose one dress. I would advise you to keep the raspberry colored dress. It flatters your complexion and will give you more from day to night versatility. For example, you can wear the candy colored dress to the beach or on a date. (I wouldn't wear a black dress to the beach.)

P.S. Think Jessica Biel in Oscar De La Renta or Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein by Francisco Costa

ENID P. "Dare to Dream"

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